Livedea Gospod Church

Bucharest, Romania

Livedea Gospod Church

The Livedea Gospod Church (Romanian: Biserica Livedea Gospod) is a Romanian Orthodox church located at 30 Calea Plevnei in Bucharest, Romania. It is dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helena.

The church was built in 1785, probably on the site of an earlier one. The name is an archaic term for “princely orchard” and refers to the ruler’s fruit trees that used to grow in the area. Its ktitors were several neighborhood tradesmen, including a furrier, a tailor and a saddle-maker. They are commemorated in the inscription above the door, written in Romanian Cyrillic and also noting that Michael Drakos Soutzos was prince of Wallachia at the time. Repairs took place in 1861, 1880 and 1919.

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