Victory Square, Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Victory Square, Bucharest

Victory Square (Romanian: Piața Victoriei, pronounced [ˈpjat͡sa vikˈtori.ej]) is a major intersection in central Bucharest, where Calea Victoriei, Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard, Iancu de Hunedoara Boulevard, Kiseleff Boulevard, Ion Mihalache Boulevard and Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard cross. It is known for its proximity to major office towers and government buildings. The main government building dates back as far as 1937, when construction work for it started, but it was only completed in 1950. In 1987, the neighboring apartment buildings and Victoria Underpass were built, the underpass was completed sometime between 1987-1989 and the apartment buildings in 1992–1994.

Much of the area that is not road is car-park, but green spaces to the north house three of Bucharest's museums.

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