Budapest, Hungary

Várkerület (Castle District) is a district in Budapest.

Bel-Buda is officially known as 'Várkerület' (lit. Castle district). It includes Watertown (Vízíváros, Fő utca), Castle Hill (Budai Várnegyed), Taban (Tabán) and Kristinatown (Krisztinaváros). The borders of the district are Gellért Hill, South (Déli) Railway Station and, at its northernmost point, the Margaret Bridge's bridgehead on its Buda side. Administratively this is First district (abbrev. I.) which is bounded in the northwest II. and XII. district, the Mount area (Hegyvidék), in south the XI. district (Újbuda) while in the east the Danube, by the V. district the Downtown (Belváros).

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