Bathory Cave

Budapest, Hungary

Bathory Cave

The Bathory Cave (Hungarian: Bátori-barlang) is a cave located just below the top of Nagy-Hárs Hill (Great Linden Hill), on the northeast side of the mountain. It is located within the Danube-Ipoly National Park and the 2nd district of Budapest. The cave gets its name from Pauline monk, László Báthory who used the cave as a hermitage for twenty years.

Geothermal springs carved the cave from Dachstein limestone probably during the Pliocene era. The upper portions of the cave extend into the Hárshegy sandstone. The cave consists of several cupola-like spherical niches carved from the stone. There are horizontal passages connected by steep shafts. There are speleothem formations of various shapes and colors, and a small number of stalactites are found inside. There are formations of hematite and limonite inside the cave. Names of the cave halls and passages include the Great Stairs, Pyramid Branch, Tavas Hall, Hall of Loyalty, Hármas termi, Saint Laszlo Hall, Dome Hall, Triple Hall, Small-Staircase, Y-branch, Vortex Corridor and Pauline Hall.

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