Bozsik József Stadion

Budapest, Hungary

Bozsik József Stadion

The Bozsik József Stadion was a multi-use UEFA category 4 stadium in Budapest, Hungary. The old stadium was demolished completely in 2019. It was used for football matches and was the home stadium of Budapest Honvéd FC. The stadium had a capacity of 8,760 spectators.

Near the present day stadium (at the site of the cemetery) the first own football ground of the club was built. Supporters gave KAC an estate for thar purpose at the end of Sárkány (Dragon) Street. A fundraiser was initiated among local craftsmen and tradesmen and it was Ferenc Polacsek (hotel owner) and Ferenc Herbacsek (wood trader) who gave major financial contributions to build the sports complex. The inauguration of the Sárkány Street complex was in 1913, hence the name Dragon's Cave - given later by the visiting teams.

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