Inner City Parish Church in Pest

Budapest, Hungary

Inner City Parish Church in Pest

Budapest's Inner City Parish Church (Budapest-Belvárosi Nagyboldogasszony) (Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is the main parish church of Budapest (often referred to as the Parish Church of the City). It is located adjacent to the walls of the Contra-Aquincum Fortress and the Elisabeth Bridge. Its earliest features date back to the Romanesque period. In 1046 Bishop St. Gellért was buried there. The 14th century Hungarian King Sigismund, supported the Gothic reconstructed style. During the reign of King Matthias, two new side ships were added. It was used as a mosque in Turkish times and its memory is a miracle (imafülke) in the south-eastern wall of the sanctuary. After a fire in 1723, between 1725 and 1739, it was restored in baroque style, under the direction of the master builder György Pauer János (1692-1752). In 1828, István Kultsár, the great theater organizer of the era of Enlightenment, was placed in the church's vault for eternal rest. In 1839, it was built with stalls selling the buttresses, which were dismantled in 1932. Then they found the Gothic windows and the twin bed.

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