Stalin Monument (Budapest)

Budapest, Hungary

Stalin Monument (Budapest)

The Stalin Monument was a statue of Joseph Stalin in Budapest, Hungary. Completed in December 1951 as a "gift to Joseph Stalin from the Hungarians on his seventieth birthday", it was torn down on October 23, 1956 by enraged anti-Soviet crowds during Hungary's October Revolution.

The monument was erected on the edge of Városliget, the city park of Budapest. The large monument stood 25 metres tall in total. The bronze statue stood eight metres high on a four-metre high limestone base on top of a tribune eighteen metres wide. Stalin was portrayed as a speaker, standing tall and rigid with his right hand at his chest. The sides of the tribune were decorated with relief sculptures depicting the Hungarian people welcoming their leader. The Hungarian sculptor, Sándor Mikus, created the statue and was awarded the Kossuth Prize, the highest distinction that can be attained by a Hungarian artist.

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