Podmaine Monastery

Budva, Montenegro

Podmaine Monastery


The Podmaine Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Подмаине, romanized: Manastir Podmaine) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery built in the 15th century by the Crnojević noble family in Podmaine near Budva, Zeta (modern day Montenegro). The monastery has two churches, smaller and older church of Presentation of the Mother of God was built by Crnojević noble family in the 15th century while bigger church (of Dormition of the Mother of God) was built in 1747.

The name Podmaine (Pod-Maine) means "beneath Maine". Maine was a small tribe with territory below Lovćen, between Stanjevići Monastery and Budva. The monastery was the gathering place of the tribe, who traditionally held meetings on the feast day of St. George.

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