Burford Methodist Church

Burford, United Kingdom

Burford Methodist Church

Burford Methodist Church is a baroque building in the High Street of Burford, Oxfordshire. It was built between about 1715 and 1730 as a private house and converted in 1849 to a Wesleyan Chapel. It is a Grade II* Listed Building.

Baroque architecture flowered for only a very brief period in Britain's architectural history, reaching its apex under the guidance of such architects as John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor who transformed the more florid European style of Baroque, as promoted by Christopher Wren, into a more severe form peculiar to Britain. There, Baroque tended to be favoured by the travelled upper classes, who had seen the genre in mainland Europe, however, even by this minority it was not universally admired. When John Vanbrugh persuaded the government and the saviour of England, John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, to permit him to design Blenheim Palace in the Baroque style, Marlborough's wife the formidable Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough was accompanied by a large group of intellectuals, who included Alexander Pope, in being strongly critical.

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