Burry Port television relay station

Burry Port, United Kingdom

Burry Port television relay station

The Burry Port television relay station was originally built in Spring 1983 as a relay for UHF analogue colour television. It consists of a 17 m self-supporting lattice mast standing on a hillside which is itself about 90 m above sea level. Currently, the transmitters cater for most of the digital terrestrial TV subscribers in the low-lying coastal town of Burry Port. The transmission station is owned and operated by Arqiva.

Burry Port transmitter re-radiates the signal received off-air from Kilvey Hill about 20 km to the east. When it came, the digital switchover process for Burry Port duplicated the timing at the parent station, with the first stage taking place on Wednesday 12 August 2009 and the second stage was completed on Wednesday 9 September 2009, with the Kilvey Hill transmitter-group becoming the first in Wales to complete digital switchover. After the switchover process, analogue channels had ceased broadcasting permanently and the Freeview digital TV services were radiated at an ERP of 2 W each.

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