Cape Town, South Africa


Coornhoop (also Koornhoop, Corenhoop, Coorenhoop) is a historic 17th century farmhouse. It is located at 2 Dixton Road in Observatory, Cape Town. Currently, it houses the Centre for Conflict Resolution.

In 1657 and 1658, Jan van Riebeeck gave land to 14 Vryburgers on the western bank of the Liesbeek river to farm with wheat. To protect their harvest from raids by the Khoikhoi, a row of small forts and sheds were built along the river. In the event of an attack, the women and children of the neigbouring allotments were to take shelter in them. In September 1657 the sheds at Coornhoop were completed. After 4 years, the buildings at Coornhoop fell into disuse. A series of owners then subdivided the ground and sometimes consolidated sections, and converted the sheds to residences. It has evolved into one of Cape Peninsula's most beautiful developments. In the 19th and 20th centuries the buildings deteriorated and were demolished.

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