Gane Pavilion

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Gane Pavilion

The Gane Pavilion, also known as Gane's Pavilion, the Gane Show House and the Bristol Pavilion, was a temporary building designed by the modernist architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer with F. R. S. Yorke and built in 1936 at Ashton Court near Bristol in England.

After leaving Germany, Breuer spent 1935–37 working in London for the Isokon company, and in partnership with Yorke. At this time Crofton Gane was the proprietor of P. E. Gane, a Bristol furniture manufacturing company. He became interested in modernist design and gained an introduction to Breuer via Isokon's proprietor, Jack Pritchard. Breuer redesigned Crofton Gane's own house in Bristol. Gane commissioned the pavilion as a showroom to display his range of products at the 1936 Royal Show, which that year was held at Ashton Court. The five-day event opened on 30 June 1936.

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