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Newtownabbey is a large town just north of Belfast; it's often regarded as a suburb of the city but has always formed a separate township. Historically it was in County Antrim, but the counties of Northern Ireland have been abolished and it's now part of Antrim and Newtownabbey District. It's short of tourist sights and facilities, and you'd only come here for business or to attend the university.

Places called Newtown or Newton in the British Isles were often "new" around the 12th century when their abbey was created, but this one dates from 1958. The core of it was indeed the white abbey established at the end of the 12th century, a daughter house of Dryburgh Abbey in Scotland run by the Premonstratensian Order or White Canons. By the 19th century little was left of that, but the name lived on in The Abbey, an Italianate mansion designed and later lived in by the architect Charles Lanyon; in 1907 this became a TB hospital. Whiteabbey became industrial and commuter-residential as Belfast grew rapidly: appropriately, one major local industry was a bleach works. It was also a port for coal, until Belfast city harbour was improved and the small ports along the Lough were less used.

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