Synagogue Beth-El

Casablanca, Morocco

Synagogue Beth-El


The Temple Beth-El (Hebrew: 讘讬转 讛讻谞住转 讘讬转志讗诇, romanized:聽B茅it hak'n茅set B膿峁-示El, lit.鈥'Synagogue of the House of God'; Arabic: 賲毓亘丿 亘賷鬲 廿賷賱, romanized:聽Ma士bad bayt 示莫l, lit.鈥'Temple of the House of El') is a Jewish synagogue in Casablanca, Morocco. While the city boasts more than 30 synagogues, Beth-El is often considered the center piece of a once vibrant Jewish community. Its stained glass windows and other artistic elements, is what attracts tourists to this synagogue. The temple was completely refurbished in 1997.

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