Notre Dame de Guérison sanctuary

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Notre Dame de Guérison sanctuary

Notre-Dame de Guérison (French for "Our Lady the Healer") is a Christian sanctuary situated in Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Chétif, along the Val Veny road that leads to the Seigne pass, also known as the "Cremonis Iugum" (Cremona Pass), used by the Romans to reach Gaul. It is well-known both in Italy and abroad, not only because of the surrounding landscape, but because it is very easy to reach by car from May to November and above all, is situated very close to an internationally famous tourist resort.

The first exact dates regarding the place go back to 8 May 1537 when the name "Berrier", the name by which the sanctuary was called, appears in a donation document. This word has Celtic origins and means “a pile of large rocks”. Around 1690 a statue of the Virgin was placed in a protective niche there. This statue became the object of a legal dispute among the priest, the diocesan administration and a Courmayeur family, which resulted in the sanctuary's destruction.

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