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Stockport is a town in the south east of Greater Manchester, historically in Cheshire, at the point where the rivers Tame and Goyt combine to form the Mersey. It's never been a port, as those rivers are not navigable, and the suffix probably means "market place". What the rivers did provide was power for waterwheels and hence textile mills, so the town became industrial from the 18th century. Whilst the Lancashire towns specialised in cotton, Stockport's trade was silk, especially for hat-making. This continued into the 20th century until the fashion for elaborate hats passed, and Luton captured the remaining trade.

Stockport is 7 miles east of Manchester Airport (MAN IATA). From the airport station take Skyline Bus 199 heading for Buxton; it runs every 20-30 min and takes 15 min.

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