Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Chengdu, China

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched Cottage (Chinese: 杜甫草堂; pinyin: Dù Fǔ Cǎotáng) is a 24-acre (97,000 m2) park and museum in honour of the Tang dynasty poet Du Fu at the western outskirts of Chengdu, adjacent to the Huanhua Xi (Flower Rinsing Creek). In 1961 the Chinese government made the cottage a National Heritage site.

In 759 Du moved to Chengdu, built a thatched hut near the Flower Rinsing Creek and lived there for four years. The "thatched hut" period was the peak of Du's creativity, during which he wrote two hundred and forty poems, among them "My Thatched Hut was torn apart by Autumn Wind" and "The Prime Minister of Shu".

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