People's Park (Chengdu)

Chengdu, China

People's Park (Chengdu)

People's Park (Chinese: 人民公园; pinyin: Rénmín Gōngyuán) is an urban public park in central Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, China. Built in 1911 as Shaocheng Park (少城公园), it is the first public park in the city. The Railway Protection Movement Monument in the park is designated a Major Historical and Cultural Site of China.

People's Park is located on Shaocheng Road in central Chengdu, near Tianfu Square. Covering an area of 112,639 square metres (1,212,440 sq ft), it is the largest green area in downtown Chengdu. The park features an artificial lake, several gardens, the Railway Protection Movement Monument, and the century-old Heming Teahouse (鹤鸣茶馆), a local landmark.

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