Alley of Classics, Chișinău

Chişinău, Moldova

Alley of Classics, Chișinău

The Alley of Classics (Romanian: Aleea Clasicilor) is a sculptural complex located in the Stephen the Great Park in Central Chișinău, Moldova.

The alley is decorated on both sides with red granite busts of classic literary figures and political leaders from Moldova. The alley is located between the Ștefan cel Mare boulevard and the bronze bust of Alexander Pushkin, set on a granite column and made by Russian sculptor Alexander Opekushin. The alley was built and received its name in 1958, and became one of the most important tourist attractions in Chișinău. At first there were only twelve sculptures, but after the fall of the Soviet Union the local authorities added busts of Romanian and Moldovan writers and poets that were banned during the Soviet regime.

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