Chișinău Water Tower

Chişinău, Moldova

Chișinău Water Tower

The Chișinău Water Tower is an architectural monument of Chișinău, Moldova, located at 2 Mitropolit Bănulescu-Bodoni Street and built at the end of 19th century after a project by Alexander Bernadazzi. It was a main part of Chișinău's water system. The upper level was built of wood and was destroyed by an earthquake. It was rebuilt between 1980 and 1983. It currently hosts Chișinău City museum, which contains items dating from 15th to 20th centuries. The upper level is a space for exhibitions of both legacy and modern paintings and photographies, as well as various cultural events.

As soon as the tower was completed, the city government opened city's first sewerage network, which had been planned during Carol Schmidt's mayor term. The tower started to serve the central part of the city, with a capacity of approx. 2,000 tonnes of water per day.

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