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Città Sant'Angelo (Italian: [tʃitˈta ssanˈtandʒelo]) is a city and comune in the province of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy.

The origins of Città Sant'Angelo are uncertain and have always been a basis for historical discussion, beginning with the Vestini, an ancient Sabine tribe. The numerous archaeological finds between the mouths of the Piomba and Saline Rivers, and the presence of small urban settlements at the site called Marina Sant'Angelo point to the origins of the town during the Roman period, located in the eastern portion of the Vestine region. Città Sant'Angelo appears to be located where Plinius wrote of the existence of the one of the four Vestini cities, either Angelus or Angulum. It is cited from the 12th century as Castrum Sancti Angeli (Latin: "Castle of the Holy Angel").

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