Colchester Carriage Servicing Depot

Colchester, United Kingdom

Colchester Carriage Servicing Depot

Colchester engine shed was a Motive Power Depot located in Colchester in the county of Essex in the UK. The original depot dated back to the opening of the Eastern Counties Railway (ECR) in 1843 and a second engine shed was built following the opening of the Eastern Union Railway in 1846. The ECR shed closed and the EUR shed was in use until November 1959 when the line was electrified and Colchester station rebuilt. A smaller two track engine shed was provided south of the station and after closure in the 1990s it was used for the stabling of diesel and electrical multiple units. It is currently known as Colchester Carriage Servicing Depot and units can be washed externally and cleaned internally on site.

In 2018 Greater Anglia returned the former two track shed to operational use and this entry covers both sheds.

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