Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Colchester, United Kingdom

Mercury Theatre, Colchester


The Mercury Theatre is a theatre in Colchester, producing highly regarded original work under the title "Mercury Productions" and also receiving touring shows. The theatre has two auditoria, and is led by Tracey Childs (Executive Producer and Joint Chief Executive), Steve Mannix (Executive Director and Joint Chief Executive) and Ryan McBryde (Creative Director). The theatre also contains The Digby Gallery, which showcases local art.

In 1968, the Colchester New Theatre Trust was formed to identify a site for a new theatre and to oversee its constructions. The Mercury Theatre, designed by Norman Downie, was opened on 10 May 1972, after a successful fund-raising campaign, supported by a large grant from the Borough Council. It originated with the Colchester Repertory Company, formed in 1937.

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