Hohe Straße

Cologne, Germany

Hohe Straße

Hohe Straße is a shopping street in the old town of Cologne, Germany, and one of the city's both oldest and busiest streets. Together with many of its adjacent side streets, Hohe Straße is part of a designated pedestrian zone and spans about 680 metres from Cologne Cathedral on its Northern end to Schildergasse on its Southern end.

The street dates back to Roman times, when it was the city's Cardo Maximus, running parallel to the River Rhine. It was lined with stores, smithies, offices and various shops and vendors. At its centre lay the former forum and important buildings, like temples and the Praetorium. Two Roman legions had barracks, hospitals, canteens and thermae along its course. At this time, it spanned the entire city of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, from the Northern Gate, located near today's cathedral, to the Southern Gate, located near today's St. Maria im Kapitol - then site of a Roman temple in honour of the Capitoline Triad.

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