Concepción de La Vega, Dominican Republic

La Vega, is the third largest city and municipality of the Dominican Republic. It is in La Vega Province. The city is known as the heart of the Dominican Republic for its geographical position and its large agricultural production methods throughout its province.

Christopher Columbus built a small fort near present-day La Vega, in 1494, intended to guard the route to the interior gold deposits of the Cibao valley. A Spanish settlement known as Concepción de la Vega gradually grew up around the fort. After 1508, when gold was found in quantity there, Concepción became the first gold boomtown in the island. By 1510 it was one of the largest and most important European cities in the hemisphere. The town was destroyed and buried by an earthquake on December 2, 1562, and the survivors moved to the present site on the banks of the Camú River. The site of the ruined town remained largely farmland until a small part of the original city was bought by the Dominican government in the mid-1970s and renamed as Pueblo Viejo National Park.

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