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Copiap贸 (Spanish pronunciation:聽[kopja藞po]) is a city and commune in northern Chile, located about 65 kilometers east of the coastal town of Caldera. Founded on December 8, 1744, it is the capital of Copiap贸 Province and Atacama Region.

Copiap贸 lies about 800聽km north of Santiago by the Copiap贸 River, in the valley of the same name. In the early 21st century, the river has dried up in response to climate change and more severe droughts. The town is surrounded by the Atacama Desert and receives 12聽mm (陆 in) of rain per year. The population of Copiap贸 was 9,128 in 1903; and 11,617 in 1907. As of 2012, there are 158,438 inhabitants.

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