Cork City Gaol (Museum)

Cork, Ireland

Cork City Gaol (Museum)


Cork City Gaol is a former prison, now a museum, located in Cork City, Ireland.

In 1806 an Act of Parliament was passed to allow the building of a new Cork City Gaol to replace the old gaol at the North Gate Bridge (the old gaol, which was nearly 100 years old, was on a confined site and was overcrowded and unhygienic). The first site chosen for the new prison was at distillery fields, but this site was later deemed to be unsuitable because it was prone to flooding. A site on Sunday's Well was eventually chosen, its altitude being seen as an advantage for containing "gaol fever" (typhus). The site, its approach roads and perimeters was commenced in 1816 and the building of the prison proper started in 1818.

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