Askari Monument

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Askari Monument


The Askari Monument or Dar es Salaam African Memorial in Kivukoni Ward in Ilala District of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a memorial to the askari (African soldiers) who fought in the British campaign against the German Army in East Africa in World War I. It was unveiled in 1927. The monument is located at the centre of a roundabout on Samora Avenue at the perpendicular junction to Maktaba Street and Azikiwe Street, a place that reportedly also marks the exact centre of downtown Dar es Salaam.

The monument was erected in honour of the King's African Rifles and the Carrier Corps. The main feature of the monument is "The Askari", a bronze sculpture of an African soldier. It was realised in the United Kingdom by British sculptor James Alexander Stevenson, who worked for Westminster's Morris Bronze Founders. Stevenson signed the statue with his pseudonym "Myrander". Before being sent to Dar es Salaam, the statue was exhibited at the Royal Academy, receiving critical praise. The soldier has a rifle with bayonet pointed towards the Dar es Salaam harbour. The statue stands on a stone pedestal. On the narrow sides of the pedestal are plaques with a dedication in Swahili (Arabic and Latin script) and English; on the wide sides of the pedestal are two pictorial plaques showing fighting African soldiers and the Carrier Corps. The English inscription includes "If you fight for your country even if you die your sons will remember your name".

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