Baosheng Temple

Dashi, China

Baosheng Temple

Baosheng Temple (simplified Chinese: 保圣寺; traditional Chinese: 保聖寺; pinyin: bǎoshèng Sì) is a Buddhist temple located in the town of Luzhi, in Wuzhong District of Suzhou, Jiangsu. It is dubbed "one of the top 4 Buddhist temples of Jiangnan region".

The original temple dates back to early 6th century, in China's Liang dynasty (502–557), it has a history of more than 1510 years. Xiao Yan, an emperor of the Liang dynasty and a devout Buddhist, went in for large-scale construction of Buddhist temples. Baosheng Temple is the architecture from that period. In its heyday, it had more than 5,000 halls and rooms as well as thousands of monks, and its area covers half the town.

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