Pura Maospahit

Denpasar, Indonesia

Pura Maospahit


Pura Maospahit is a Balinese Hindu temple or pura located in Denpasar, Bali. The pura is known for its bare red brick architecture, reminiscent of the architecture of the 13th-century Majapahit Kingdom, hence the name. Pura Maospahit is the only pura in Bali which was built using a concept known as Panca Mandala where the most sacred area is situated at the center instead of at the direction of the mountain.

The history of Pura Maospahit is recorded in the Babad Wongayah Dalem, a stone inscription mentioning the story of Sri Kbo Iwa, an architect of Balinese religious architecture. Sri Kbo Iwa built a shrine structure known as the Candi Raras Maospahit, in 1200 Saka year (or 1278 Gregorian calendar). The Candi Raras Maospahit is mentioned as a "pelinggih (shrine) in the form of a large red-brick building with two terracota statues flanking the main entrance". Today, the red-brick building Candi Raras Maospahit still exists and become the main shrine of the Pura Maospahit temple complex.

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