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Depok (Sundanese: ᮓᮦᮕᮧᮊ᮪) is a landlocked city in West Java province, and located within Jakarta metropolitan area in Indonesia. It has an area of 200.29 km2. It had a population of 1,738,600 at the 2010 Census and 2,056,400 at the 2020 Census, resulting in a density of 10,267 people per km2. Depok was declared as a separate city on 20 April 1999, having previously been part of Bogor Regency.

Depok word is an acronym of De Eerste Protestantse Organisatie van Christenen (Indonesian: Organisasi Kristen Protestan Pertama, English: First Protestant Christian Organization). There is also a saying that the word "depok" itself comes from Sundanese meaning hermitage or abode of one living in seclusion.

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October is the hottest month ☀️, with average temperature of 82° degrees. January is the coldest month ❄️, with average temperature of 79° degrees. January is the wettest month 💧, with 15.63 In. of rain and/or snow.

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