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Dolphin's Barn (Irish: An Carnán, meaning 'the (small) cairn or mound') is an inner city suburb of Dublin, Ireland, situated on the Southside of the city in the Dublin 8, and partially in the Dublin 12, postal district.

The district's name name possibly derives from an Anglo-Norman family named Dolphyn who owned a prominent storehouse there in medieval times. However it could also derive from its more ancient name of Carnán Cluana Úi Dhunchada (the little cairn of the meadow of the Úi Dhunchada) or its shortened version of Carn Úi Dhunchada (the cairn of the Úi Dhunchada), anglicised as "Dunphy's Cairn" and ending as "Dolphin's Barn".[1] The Úi Dhunchada were one of the three branches of the Úi Dúnlainge dynasty from which came most of the Kings of Leinster from the 5th to the 11th century AD.

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