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Drumnadrochit (; Scottish Gaelic: Druim na Drochaid) is a village in the Highland local government council area of Scotland, lying near the west shore of Loch Ness at the foot of Glen Urquhart. The village is close to several neighbouring settlements: the villages of Milton to the west, Kilmore to the east and Lewiston to the south. The villages act as a centre for regional tourism beside Loch Ness, as well as being a local economic hub for the nearby communities.

The village lies in Glen Urquhart on the A82 road to Inverness, near a junction with the A831 and beside the river Enrick. The river Enrick runs the length of Glen Urquhart, meeting the river Coltie and then flowing into Loch Ness (the eastern edge of Drumnadrochit). The nearby local hill and tourist attraction is called Craigmonie. Glen Urquhart itself adjoins Loch Ness and the larger geographical area known as the Great Glen.

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