Dame Street

Dublin, Ireland

Dame Street

Dame Street (; Irish: Sráid an Dáma) is a large thoroughfare in Dublin, Ireland.

The street takes its name from a dam built across the River Poddle to provide water power for milling. First appears in records under this name around 1610 but in the 14th century was also known as "the street of Theng-mote" or Teyngmouth Street. It appears later as Dammastrete and Damask-street. There was a medieval church of St. Mary del Dam which was demolished in the seventeenth century. Sir Maurice Eustace, Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1660–1665, built his townhouse, Damask, on the site. There was a side street called Dame's-gate, also known as the gate of S. Mary, which was adjoining the St. Mary del Dam church, recorded in 1552 and demolished in 1698. The street was widened by the Wide Streets Commission in 1769, and developed into the city's financial centre.

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