Killiney Hill

Dublin, Ireland

Killiney Hill


Killiney Hill (Irish: Cnoc Chill Iníon Léinín) is the southernmost of the two hills which form the southern boundary of Dublin Bay, the other being Dalkey Hill. These two hills form part of Killiney Hill Park.

Crowned by an obelisk, Killiney Hill is 153 metres high and has views over the surrounding areas: Dublin to the northwest; the Irish Sea and the mountains of Wales (on a clear day) to the east and southeast; and Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains to the south. The hill was higher in the past but material was removed from the summit for the construction of the pier at Dún Laoghaire. The obelisk was completed in 1742 and commemorates the victims of the Irish Famine of 1740-41.

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