Banat Village Museum

Dumbrăviţa, Romania

Banat Village Museum


The Banat Village Museum (Romanian: Muzeul Satului Bănățean) is an open-air ethnographic museum in northeastern Timișoara, at the edge of the Green Forest. Spread over an area of 17 ha, the museum is designed as a traditional Banat village and includes peasant households belonging to various ethnic groups in Banat (Romanians, Slovaks, Swabians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, etc.), buildings with social function of the traditional village (town hall, school, church, etc.), folk art installations and workshops.

The idea of establishing an open-air ethnographic museum goes back to Ioachim Miloia, former director of the Museum of Banat between 1928 and 1940. In 1928, after Miloia returned from the opening ceremony of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca, he asked the municipality for permission to open a small village museum in the courtyard of Huniade Castle. After the approval, he exhibited the first wooden churches, crosses and farmhouses here.

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