Basilica of St. Quirinus

Düsseldorf, Germany

Basilica of St. Quirinus


The Basilica of St. Quirinus (German: Münster-Basilika St. Quirin ) also called Minster-Basilica of St. Quirinus of Neuss Is a Catholic basilica that was erected in the city of Neuss in the western part of the present state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany between 1209 and 1230. The basilica is one of the best examples of Romanesque churches in Germany. It has a strong Lombard influence but in principle shows the first signs of Gothic. In its bell tower the first semicircular arches appear. This form of arch becomes centuries later in one of the marks that marked the Gothic style.

It is dedicated to St. Quirinus of Neuss, a prominent Roman martyr of the third century, revered in Neuss as the body of the martyr moved to this city in the year 1050, a gift of Pope Leo IX to Abbess Gepa.

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