Friedenskirche (Monheim-Baumberg)

Düsseldorf, Germany

Friedenskirche (Monheim-Baumberg)

The Friedenskirche (Peace Church) is a protestant church in Monheim-Baumberg, Schellingstraße 13, built from 1968 to 1974 according to the plans of Walter Maria Foerderer in the style of Brutalism.

In the post-war years, the population of Baumberg increased sharply. Consequently, in the 1960s, a spacious development area was elaborated under the leadership of the union-owned construction company "Neue Heimat" adjacent to the historic center. The Frankfurt architect Ernst May was involved in the planning of this area, which included a center for the protestant parish, grown to around 3,000 members in the post-war years. In addition to the church, the complex should also include staff apartments and a kindergarten. An area between the old town center and the new development area was chosen for the project. Following a competition, the Protestant Church in the Rhineland decided in favor of a design by the Swiss architect Walter Maria Foerderer. He directed personally the construction work in the early years, but later transferred the supervision to his office and to the Monheim architect Dietrich Mallwitz, who more or less independently implemented the concept for the adjacent buildings.

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