Düsseldorf, Germany


Stadttor (transl. City Gate) is a 20-storey 84 m (276 ft) high-rise building in the Unterbilk neighborhood of Düsseldorf, Germany. The building was designed by Düsseldorf-based architecture firm Petzinka Pink und Partner and completed in 1998. It marks the Southern entrance of Rheinufertunnel, which is also the reason for its parallelogram-shaped floor plan.

The building features a 15-story atrium and a double-facade, allowing natural ventilation even on higher elevation floors. The total gross floor area is some 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft). From 1999 until 2017, the Stadttor was the seat of the state-chancellery of the Prime ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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