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Enborne is a village and civil parish, in West Berkshire, England that bounds to the east, across a road buffer Newbury. The River Enborne shares its name, although it does not run through the village; rather, it runs through and rises near the nearby village of Enborne Row. Enborne is a civil and an ecclesiastical parish in the ceremonial and historic county of Berkshire. It lost some of its eastern land to Newbury's 20th century expansion. The village name has had many variant spellings in the past, including Anebourne in 1086, and Enbourne, Enborn, Enbourn in the last 200 years.

The parish lies immediately west of Newbury in West Berkshire, and contains the settlements of Redhill, Crockham Heath, Skinner's Green, Wheatlands Lane, Enborne Row and Wash Water. There is no main population centre; the settlements are scattered.

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