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Mere is a sub-municipality of Erpe-Mere in Flanders. It is located on the Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek in the Denderstreek in the southeast of East Flanders and belongs to Arrondissement of Aalst. It is bordered by the sub-municipalities of Erpe, Ottergem, Bambrugge and Aaigem and the municipalities Haaltert (sub-municipality Haaltert) and Aalst (sub-municipality Nieuwerkerken). Mere has 5033 inhabitants as of 1 January 2003 and an area of 5.77 km. The population density is 873 inhabitants / km ².

On the opposite side of a windmill in the Jeruzalemstraat (a street), the remains of a Roman villa have been found (on the hill opposite the Merelputstraat). Mere was mentioned in a 1003 document as Meren. Perhaps the name comes from the numerous swamps (Meren in Dutch) in the neighbourhood of the village. At the beginning of the 19th Century, the village had 1874 inhabitants and at the end of the 19th Century it had 2942 inhabitants. At that time there was a windmill, three water mills and one factory, which gave 1000 people jobs. Each year around 300 people went to France to help as seasonal workers at the harvest.

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