Creedy, Sandford

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Creedy, Sandford

Creedy is an historic estate in the parish of Sandford, near Crediton in Devon. It is named from its location on the west side of the River Creedy. It was the seat of the Davie family (created Davie baronets in 1641) from about 1600 until the late 20th century. The mansion house on the estate has been called at various times New House, Creedy House, and as presently, Creedy Park. It was first built in about 1600, rebuilt in 1846, burnt down in 1915 and rebuilt 1916-21. It is surrounded by a large park, the boundary of which is enclosed by a stone and brick wall several miles long.

According to the Devon historians Pole (died 1635) and Risdon (died 1640), anciently several different estates named "Creedy" existed within West Budleigh hundred in the general area of the River Creedy near or in the parishes of Sandford, on the west side of the river, and Shobrooke, on the east side of the river. It is not possible to identify today's estate with certainty to one of these ancient estates. They were as follows:

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