Eye Manor

Eye, United Kingdom

Eye Manor

Eye Manor, Eye, Herefordshire, England is a Carolean manor house dating from the late 17th century. It was built for Ferdinando Gorges, descendant of the founder of the Province of Maine, and a trader in slaves and sugar. Noted for its interior plasterwork, the house is a Grade I listed building.

Ferdinando Gorges (c.1565-1647) was an English soldier whose establishment of the Province of Maine saw him called the "Father of English Colonization in North America". His descendant, also Ferdinando, bought the Eye estate in 1673 and began building the house shortly thereafter. A datestone above the main doorway carries a date of 1680. Coats of arms within the house carry the insignia of Gorges and of his wife, Meliora Gorges, née Hilliard. Gorges' son, Henry sat as a member of parliament for Herefordshire in the early 18th century.

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