Ain al-Kheil Mosque

Fès, Morocco

Ain al-Kheil Mosque

The Ain al-Kheil Mosque, also known as the al-Azhar Mosque (not to be confused with al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo or the Lalla az-Zhar Mosque in Fes el-Jdid), is a historic mosque in Fes el-Bali, the old medina of Fes, Morocco.

The mosque was first built in the late 12th century under the Almohad dynasty, and is located in the Ain al-Kheil ("Spring of the Horse") neighbourhood. It is notable for its association with Ibn Arabi, the Sufi master from al-Andalus, who visited Fes multiple times and frequently retreated to this mosque for prayer and meditation in the late 1190s.

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