Al-Anouar Mosque

Fès, Morocco

Al-Anouar Mosque

The Al-Anouar Mosque (Arabic: جامع الأنوار‎, romanized: jama' al-anwar, lit. 'Mosque of the Lights'; Berber languages: ⵎⴻⵣⴳⵉⴷⴰ ⵍⴰⵏⵡⴰⵔ, romanized: mezgida el anwart, lit. 'Mosque of the Lights'), formerly also known as the Mosque of the Sheikhs (Arabic: جامع الأشياخ‎, romanized: jama' al-ashiakh, "Mosque of the Chiefs"), was the oldest mosque in Fes, Morocco. It was founded by Idris I at the same time as he founded the city itself, in the early 9th century. It was located slightly northeast of the current Mosque of the Andalusians, which surpassed it as the main mosque of the area. Today only remnants of the mosque have survived.

The mosque was the first mosque founded by Idris I, in 808 CE, when he founded Madinat Fas, the first city of what became Fes, centered on what is now the Andalous or 'Adoua quarter (on the eastern shore of the Bou Khrareb River). The mosque was built next to a well where the sheikhs (chiefs) of the Berber tribes allied to Idris held their meetings (hence the name "Mosque of the Sheikhs"). It had no minaret and did not have a particularly monumental appearance.: 40  The name "Al-Anouar" or "Al-Anwar" was an epithet sometimes given to Idris I, which is why the mosque also took on this name.

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