Bab Semmarine

Fès, Morocco

Bab Semmarine

Bab Semmarine (Arabic: باب السمارين‎, lit. 'Gate of the Farriers') is the monumental southern gate of Fes el-Jdid, a part of the old city of Fez, Morocco.

The original gate at this location was initially called Bab 'Oyun Sanhaja ("Gate of the (water) Sources of the Sanhaja").: 62  The current name, Bab Semmarine, means "Gate of the Farriers" and refers to the shops of farriers which used to be located nearby. The gate was part of the original foundation of Fes el-Jdid by the Marinid sultan Abu Yusuf Ya'qub in 1276, who built the city as a new royal capital separate from Fes el-Bali. The city was highly fortified, featuring a double set of walls on its eastern side facing the old city, which may have indicated a certain level of wariness by the Marinid sultans towards the local population. Bab Semmarine was originally the southern entrance to the city, but at some later point another district (later occupied by the Jewish Mellah) was created on its southern side, thus placing it inside the perimeter of the city walls. The gate was the starting point for the main souq street, today called the Grande Rue ("Great Street"), leading towards the entrance of the Dar al-Makhzen (Royal Palace) in the north. The district to the east of this street, near the gate, used to be occupied entirely by grain silos and warehouses, which were only later progressively replaced by residential structures.: 64 

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