Borj Neffara

Fès, Morocco

Borj Neffara

The Borj Neffara (Arabic: برج النفارة‎ , "Tower of the Trumpeters") is a historic observation tower and landmark near the Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fes el-Bali, the old city of Fes, Morocco. It is also referred to as the Dar al-Muwaqqit (not to be confused with another Dar al-Muwaqqit inside the nearby Qarawiyyin Mosque and in other mosques).

The construction of the tower is attributed to the Marinid sultan Abu Inan in the mid-14th century. The tower is often mistaken for a minaret, but is architecturally distinguished from a minaret in part by the lack of a lantern structure (a kind of mini-tower) at its top (though the nearby minaret of the Qarawiyyin Mosque also lacks this). The tower is part of a slightly larger structure called the Dar al-Muwaqqit ("House of the Timekeeper"), a term also used for the room or residence of the timekeeper (muwaqqit) in various mosques. The structure here consists of a house with two floors arranged around a central courtyard, with the tower rising on the house's southern side.

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