Chrabliyine Mosque

Fès, Morocco

Chrabliyine Mosque

The Chrabliyine Mosque (also spelled Shirabliyyin, Cherabliyine, etc.) is a Marinid-era mosque in Fez, Morocco.

The mosque was founded in the 14th century during the Marinid period. Although the exact date and patron of its construction is not confirmed, it is believed to have been was built by the Marinid sultan Abu al-Hasan during his reign between 1331 and 1348 CE. Abu al-Hasan was one of the most prolific builders of the Marinid era, and was responsible for building several madrasas and mosques in Fes and beyond. The mosque was considerably restored under the reign of the Alaouite sultan Moulay Slimane between 1792 and 1822. Only the minaret and the mosque entrance are still essentially in their original Marinid form, while the appearance of the rest of the mosque generally dates from the Alaouite restoration. The Mosque of Abu al-Hasan to the west, built by the same ruler in 1341 and similarly renovated by Moulay Slimane, bears a number of resemblances with this building.

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