Funduq Sagha

Fès, Morocco

Funduq Sagha

Funduq Sagha (Arabic: فندق الصاغة‎, lit. 'inn of the goldsmiths') (also spelled Fondouk Sagha) is a historic funduq (a caravanserai or traditional inn) in Fes el Bali, the old medina quarter in the city of Fez, Morocco.

The funduq was built in 1711 CE (1123 AH) during the reign of the Alaouite Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif, probably by the initiative of powerful local merchants or officials. Like other buildings of its type, it served as a center of commercial activity and merchant dealings, and became one of the most important ones in Fes.: 280  The ground floor of the building was devoted exclusively to commercial activities, while the upper floors were taken up by artisan workshops and used for the storage of merchandise. In the early 20th century, it was particularly known for the sale of tea. The funduq recently underwent a major restoration between 2013 and 2017 within the framework of an initiative to rehabilitate 27 historic monuments in Fes. During the restoration process, archaeological excavations were also carried out and revealed the remains of Marinid-era (13th-15th century) houses with zellij decoration, some of whose foundations had been reused for the foundations of the funduq.

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