Funduq Shamma'in

Fès, Morocco

Funduq Shamma'in

The Funduq al-Shamma'in or (if using the French transliteration) Foundouk Chemmaïne (Arabic: فندق الشماعين‎, romanized: funduq ash-shama'in, lit. 'hotel of the candle-makers') is a medieval funduq (urban caravanserai) in Fes, Morocco. It is also directly adjoined by another funduq structure, the Funduq al-Sbitriyyin; as a result, the two form a combined architectural complex sometimes referred to as the Funduq Shamma'in-Sbitriyyin (or Foundouk Chemmaine-Sbitriyine). Both are located side by side just west of the al-Qarawiyyin Mosque in the heart of the historic medina, Fes el-Bali.

The name Funduq ash-Shamma'in (Arabic: فندق الشماعين‎) means "inn/hotel of the candle-makers", referring to the souq (market) of the candle-makers situated along the street of the same name on the north side of the building. The souq name is also shared with the nearest gate and entrance of the al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, Bab al-Shamma'in (Arabic: باب الشماعين‎), which was crafted in the Almoravid period.

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